Monday, July 18, 2005


Yes, it's been awhile I know. It's not for lack of interest, just lack of time. However, my good friend T and his wife just welcomed a brand new baby boy (we'll just call him Parker) into the world yesterday morning after a DEBACLE of an experience (but I'll try to get him to share it with us later) and that's reinvigorated me to chatter away again.

I have a longer update on my own SAHD experiences in the work, but in the meantime, here's what I told my friend T:
    "At some point in the next few days, you might feel like you're woefully unprepared for all this shit and that, without a doubt, you're within a hair's breadth of accidentally killing your baby or at the very least, damage him so that his future therapy bills will be more than private school. You'll also be offered more advice than you'd ever want to get, all from well meaning people who will likely drive you batty.

    Just know this:

    1) You can do this. There's absolutely no reason you can't. Don't let self doubt destroy your happiness and joy at how amazing all this is.

    2) When in doubt, rely on common sense. FUCK what "the books say." Rely on what makes sense, not someone else's guide.

    3) Right now, Parker is the most complicated and the most simple person you'll meet. Complicated because he's brand spanking new to the world and to the two fo you. But simple because babies aren't weighed down with all the social, mind-fuck garbage we are. If he cries, it means he's probably a) hungry, b) soiled his diaper, c) tired/overstimulated or d) gassy. All things considered, only having to consider four potential solutions isn't so bad.

    4) Lastly, just try to enjoy this time. It's cliche to say "they grow up so fast" but jesus christ, they do. I really can't overstate how great skin-to-skin time is or even just laying Parker on your chest to sleep. We can't do that with L anymore - she thinks we're trying to play and won't relax in that position. I'm hella sad about that."

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  1. Blogger Jennifer posted at 7:36 AM, July 19, 2005  
    Congrats to your friend. As you and I both know poppa it's a long strange trip with a new baby. work work work and no sleep

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