Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Day two is just kicking off...won't know if we'll have the same fireworks as yesterday. In the meantime...

For years now, I've been inundated with this constant chirping about how "hapa babies are the cutest." (For the unaware, hapa = person of mixed Asian/other heritage. Technically, it's Asian/white but the term was grown to encompass any mixture involving an Asian heritage).

This isn't to say that hapa babies aren't cute. Like most babies, some are, and some - I'm afraid - absolutely are NOT. But as someone who grew up full Asian, and who's daughter is of mixed intra-Asian heritage (Chinese/Japanese), I get rather eye-rolly at the idea that being white/Asian is supposed to increase your cute quotient above and beyond what one might have been as "just Asian." Our babies are cute on their own, thank you very much.

Moreover, I also find it a bit annoying that most of the people on the "hapa babies are the cutest" train tend to be Asians themsevles. It sounds as if it's not good enough for our own yeller people to be "full" Asian...it's only by mixing out that a next level of cuteness is attained. Please understand: this isn't remotely a screed against inter-marriage or mixed babies but I'm just lobbying for those of us with non-hapa babies to get some respect.

In any case, someone sent me a link to this site: Hapa Kids Club (an offshoot of the *gag* Haole Hubby Site) and you can decide for yourself. There are definitely some cute babies in the mix there, especially these two. There are also some not-so cute ones but I won't be rude and pluck out their pics.

One photo is almost identical to one of my daughter though so I can offer a hapa vs. full Asian cuteness test I suppose:

I also came upon this site today: Real Kidz - biracial dolls! They include a hapa doll named "Quincy". I was pleasantly surprised to see that Quincy's father was Asian and mom is white though I can't remember if any Asian parent I've ever known would have thought to name their child - a daughter no less - "Quincy."

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