Thursday, May 05, 2005


Ok, by this time, every single baby blogger has already mentioned this, but hell, why not one more? "Ugly children may get the parental short shrift."

Of course, how does one reconcile this with the fact that no parent thinks their kid is ugly?

Not quite as controversial but more practically relevant: forget telecommunicating - it's all about babycommuting.

Last, but not least, another NY Times article, this one on the excess of photography in a digital age

Let's be real: most of us are probably guilty of taking more pictures of our kids than Helmut Newton at a fashion shoot. L is only three months old but she already has seven albums online, the more recent including 46 pics (taken over the course of a month or so). And the thing is: those 46 represent me going through about triple of digital shots and cutting out all the photos I didn't like (and I'm picky).

I do miss shooting on film and one of these days, I might get a roll of B&W and blow the dust off my 35mm. But as all well know, digital photography makes overshooting seductively easy and it's hard to readjust to a reality where you choose your shots more carefully lest you waste pricey film. When you can put nearly 150 hi-res pics on a single memory card, the lure of clicking at will is strong to resist.

Worse yet, I keep meaning to get some of my digi pix printed but have yet to get organized enough to even copy my select shots to a CD.

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